My projects...

Here are some of my projects I've been working on recently, there have been many more in the past, but I never remembered to take photos during the process. However, I may decide to recreate and share them one day.

 Project Phone
 Adventures in Pi
 Car door replacement
 Sat Nav Clock
 Project Phone Reborn
 The Ford Fiesta Twitterbot (@thefordfiesta)
 Too many laptops, not very many ideas
 Raspberry Pi guides
 Mobile phone dashcam
 Retropie retro gaming cassette
 Adding a reset/shutdown button to LibreELEC on the Raspberry Pi
 Adding multiple Vice systems to Retropie
 My Raspberry Pi Powered Commodore Plus 4
 Sinclairian - The ZX Spectrum on your Raspberry Pi
 My Retropie Brick
 My Raspberry Pi Powered Sinclair ZX Spectrum
 Cheap car upgrades
 Car stereo upgrade