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The Ford Fiesta

This is an experiment to see if i can create enough artificial intelligence in an old Raspberry Pi to maintain a twitter account on behalf of an old Ford Fiesta.

Variables are sent from the old Android phone in the actual Ford Fiesta, and these are used, along with variables generated by the Raspberry Pi to create random tweets.

This is an on going project, so expect updates and bugs, lots of bugs.

Current status: Tweeting by itself and shout-outs to new followers, properly replying to mentions and scanning all tweets for keywords such as #fordfiesta etc, these are only logged for now, because in an earlier version, replying to them got itself banned, I'll probably just retweet them instead.

That'll come later...

Still to do: Add more tweets, read the cars status and include that information in the tweets, and add a feature that allows other Twitter users to blacklist themselves from being tweeted by issuing the STOP command.

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