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Contact me and social media links

This is a list of all my social media accounts across the internet, you can follow them all, or send me messages from them. Either, or even both are good for me

I have not got any profiles anywhere else, these links are all there are from me

Email is preferred as it gets a quicker response, the mighty Meta Corp usually fails to notify me about messages and comments, so your question may go unanswered as I haven't seen it. Not that I'm ignoring you, I promise
However if you have sent me a message via social media, or commented a question on a post and I haven't responded, send me a nudge via email as that pops up on my phone straight away

Please note I don't accept unsolicited friend requests on Facebook

Finally, nothing on this site is for sale, so don't ask

Any questions specifically about the site may be answered here...
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Contact me

Email (Preferred)

Social media links

Ian Hill (Personal page)
ianwilliamhill.co.uk (Official site page)

Ian Hill (Mirrors the official Facebook page)
Floofy and The Void (CATS!)

Ian Hill (Might do something with this, probably wont though)
Floofy and The Void (Registered to stop being nagged to do so)

X (Twitter)
Ian Hill (I rarely post)

Ian Hill (Videos of cats and computers)

Google Play Store
IWH Software (Not used for A G E S)

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