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Sat nav clock

So on one random day I decided to make a clock out of an old satnav...

It's a Medion Gopal PNA210T that I bought a few years ago.
This one, as well as many others, uses a version of Windows CE as it's OS, (4.2 for this one).
With a couple of small edits to the files on its internal flash drive you can unlock the desktop, which has a Start button, desktop icons and explorer windows just like you would find on a normal PC.

Once in this state you can now run other applications that are designed for Windows CE, including games and other utilities, just by copying the files to it and running the exe file, again just like a normal PC.

There have been many replacement device themes and menus produced for various devices and there is also software to create your own, it's called SystemInformation1.6.

By using this software in conjunction with the scripting language Mortscript I can create a screen with a giant clock displayed on it.

I then removed the batteries and soldered the power cable directly into the device as the power socket is on the bottom, I also added a small rubber pad to the bottom to stop it sliding around as it doesn't weigh that much and the weight of the power cable tends to move it from its location.

All I need to do now is to write the routine that takes the time from the GPS and uses it to set the clock...

As you do!

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