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Raspberry Pi guides

Millions of you contact me and ask, how did you do {insert name here} on the Raspberry Pi.
Ok maybe not millions, hundreds possibly, maybe a few. Ok then one, definitely one!

On these pages I'll try to explain how I achieved, what I achieved on my Home server Raspberry Pi.
Please note I am writing these guides largely from memory, so forgive me (or contact me) if I miss something out.
Also things may have changed under Raspbian Jessie or later distro's, so if what I wrote doesn't work, Google is your friend, or a huge multinational company desperately trying to extract all of our money from us, depending on your point of view of course...

Here are some guides to help you recreate what I have done on my Home server Pi
Initial setup
Useful terminal commands
Static IP address
Connecting an external USB drive
Samba file sharing
DLNA server
Automatic backup

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