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Welcome to ianwilliamhill.co.uk

Retrogaming enthusiast and collector

Also cats!

And maybe a dog

To help you get started, here are three random pages I've chosen specially for you...


The Retro Computing and Gaming Museum...

Stop talking and show me your gaming collection immediately

Or use my super fun happy random page generator...

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If you wish to donate stuff to me...

Thingz wot I wantz (Donations)

This is a list of all the pages on this site in a convenient list...

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Boring legal stuff for nerds...

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Also, I have hidden many Easter eggs around the site for you to hunt for.
I like Easter eggs, so there are many hidden here, there, and everywhere, they are normally in the form of pop-ups when you hover over certain sentences, but not always, maybe if you hang around here for a while you may discover another one, or maybe try going home more than once per visit..?


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