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Old technology!

I have a lot of old broken electrical equipment that people keep dumping on me giving me to fix up and sell, which of course, I never do. And I'm too polite to refuse them. They're normally TV's and VCR's thanks to a previous career. But an elderly gentlemen who lives near my parents obviously thinks I need some more in my life and left these two old broken radio's for me...

"To do something with!"

Like what I wonder..?

Throw them in the bin?
Donate them to a cheap crappy museum?
Create a weapon of mass irritation?

I chose option #1!

(Cue somebody contacting me to say that one of them is extremely rare and worth £1000's!!!)

Here are some more pictures of old technology that other people have given me...

"To do something with!"

I seem to be a magnet for broken electrical items.
I should have thrown them all in a skip, maybe not the oscilliscope, or the CB radio though.

Although I do like looking at old televisions and vcr's. It makes me happy...

I'm sure my parents had one of these when I was a child.

And seeing things like these get me super excited...

The first option in the service menu on an old Toshiba television, I've absolutely no idea what it was for. I'd like it to be an adjustment to filter out all the crap you get on TV these days, (like Jeremy Kyle, Glee or EastEnders) but no.

It's a degaussing wand before you get over-excited with your dirty minds! It corrected purity errors, which were normally caused by idiots putting unshielded HiFi speakers next to their TV.

More old technology... The retro computing and gaming museum

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