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Jim'll Fix It visits Kingsfield School in the early 90's.

First shown on BBC One sometime in 1991.

Jim'll Fix It was a British TV show that aired throughout the late 70's and carried through to to the mid 90's which made children's wishes come true.
The guest (or guests) would write in to the show, and the letter would be shown on the screen while being read out, then there would usually be a short pre-recorded film of this wish coming true. The host Jimmy Saville was, at the time, a national treasure, however after his death it was discovered that he was a serial child abuser, and that he had abused many young boys and girls throughout his life, including while filming his various TV shows for the BBC.
Please see the links at the bottom of this page for more information.

This film was made at my secondary school while I was still a pupil there, I managed to evade the cameras all day, so I'm not actually in the film. However, even with it's abhorrent host, it's still a fascinating look back into typical British school life in the early 90's.

The premise of this clip is a young girls grandad wants to go back to (his) school for the day...

Please excuse the quality as this was copied from an old VHS video tape.

Download it here (104MB WMV - Opens Google Drive.)

Further information...
Wikipedia article on the Jim'll Fix It TV show
Wikipedia article on the Jimmy Savile child abuse scandal

For the record, the thought of Jimmy Saville's actions makes my skin crawl. I cannot fathom why he wasn't stopped! Somebody somewhere must of known what he was up to and allowed it to happen, I believe they need to be held accountable for this.

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