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IWH Software, Android Developer

IWH SoftwareIWH Software

This is one of my hobbies, I develop simple Android applications. There are even some that have actually been finished and published. I have even received some pennies for my efforts. There are many more in development, when I eventually get some time, they'll be finished and published too, I may then make some more pennies...

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Applications published in the Play Store so far include...

IWH Software
Simple Light

A simple flash light application that does nothing but turn on the camera flash as fast as possible and blank the screen.

IWH Software
Simple Light Free

The free version of Simple Light, no less featured, but contains no ads, just the occasional nag screen.

IWH Software
Simple Note

A simple note taking app, just open the app, write something and close it again. The content is automatically saved and reloaded again. This makes it ideal for shopping lists and tasks to be completed etc. It can import and export the screen contents from or to a text file in the user accessible storage memory.

IWH Software
Simple Note Free

The free version of Simple Note, The free version does not import to, or export from the SD card, otherwise it's the same.

IWH Software
Simple Talk

This app can convert plain text to speech using the current Android TTS (Text To Speech) engine, you can generate speech for any reason, maybe a school project, or perhaps you have laryngitis..? You can also save a common phase ready to be spoken as soon as the app is launched.

IWH Software
Simple Talk Free

The free version of Simple Talk, this version has a 200 character limit for talking and does not allow saving of text.

IWH Software
IWH Software

I created this as a shortcut to my Google Play apps for advertising purposes, in the form of QR codes across various social media channels.

There are many more in development...

For example, my simple MP3 player Simple Music, my tablet clock Simple Wall Clock and my current on-going project #ProjectPhoneReborn

IWH SoftwareIWH Software

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