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Error pages on this site

On every site on the internet there are error pages, you have probably seen the common 404 not found page, there are also other error pages that you don't see that often, and many more that you will never see.

Sometimes the site owner's try to make them a little more interesting, or funnier than the default pages provided by the hosting company.

This site is no exception.

So here are the error pages from this site...

Error 400: Bad Request
Error 401: Not Authorised
Error 403: Forbidden
Error 404: Not Found
Error 500: Server Error

Yes, I am obsessed with cats!


The keen eyed amongst you will have noticed I've modified the 404 page to mimic certain vintage computers during loading or software crashes, which all fail with a "not found" error

Now the 404 page will select a random system and play a short animation then either go to the original not found page automatically, or after a left mouse click

The original 404 page has also been tweaked...

For your convenience I've linked them here...

Commodore Amiga 500 Guru Meditation (Software failure on 2.04 and later ROM's)
Commodore Plus/4 cassette loading
Commodore 64 cassette loading
Windows 3.1 blue screen of death (BSOD)
Sinclair Spectrum 16/48K R Tape loading error
Commodore 128 disk loading
Commodore Vic 20 BASIC programme

I tried to make them as accurate as possible, but you will may notice the Plus/4 and C64 screens don't blank like they would normally do during cassette loading as I feel this would confuse the viewer, and the Spectrum screen lacks the cursor as I haven't worked out how to code it yet, also the Amiga system font isn't quite right, and I can't find a better one

For the technically minded this is all done with CSS animation, and the mouse click detect is a simple JavaScript function

The pages should scale to fit whatever device you're viewing on, but not on the Facebook browser, as it handles viewport sizing differently for some reason


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