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That time of the year again!

It's that time of the year most men dread... The annual MOT test on the car.

"How much is it gonna cost us this time?" we always wonder.

Usually far too much, although if we just fixed the problems at the time rather than leave them to the MOT, it wouldn't be too bad, but that would spoil the fun of the MOT!
Anyway if you're interested it failed on tyres on the limit, exhaust blowing, number plate light out, O/S/R brake efficiency below limit and a small bit of welding.
So not to bad this time.

Anyway, here are some more old cars that I would rather drive than my old Fiesta...

Yes, I like Allegro's and Chevette's, so what!

Or maybe a Mk1 Cavalier...

All while staying out the way of the tractor of death...

Yes it was the size of a house!

To read about the broken hinge drama on this car, click here Broken hinge dramas

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