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Tamiya Fire Dragon

This was my pride and joy when I was at school...

This is how Tamiya intended it to look like...

I had started with a Grasshopper, which I upgraded to a Hornet...

Then I received this one as a birthday present.
It looks a bit different as it's not quite normal, it's a bit of a beast.
I've swapped the pinion (cog on the motor) for a larger one, I run it on 8.4V batteries, it uses an electronic speed controller, it's been fully ball-raced and it's been lowered and lightened.

In it's day it could outrun anything, including petrol engined RC cars, however this led to problems like the chassis cracking and gearbox mountings snapping off due to the stress of the extra power.
You can see the metal supports i've had to put in to stop the front gearbox breaking off, also you will notice the front bumper is upside down, this helps keep the front wheels on the ground, like what a splitter does...

It still runs a standard 540 motor as well.

Even though it's 4WD, it constantly spins all four wheels, leading to bald tyres...

Here are some of the spares, tools and accessories...

Anyone who had a Tamiya RC car would recognise this box spanner, and maybe this bag too...

And here's the controller, band 4 as always...

It does seem to be quite a bit faster without the body shell fitted!
As i've rebuilt the front gearbox mountings, i've wondered if it's possible to fit a rear gearbox at the front, so I can have a twin-engined, twin battery monster..?


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