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The World of Ian Hill Legal stuff

The World of Ian Hill: Privacy Policy
This site, or any of my projects, or any of my apps in the Google Play Store, will not collect, and will not use or store any of your data.
This means that if any person, or organization, either requests to view user data, or gains unauthorized access to the site, there would be nothing to show.

Full disclosure: I am currently running a little test to keep track of unauthorized attempts to log into the admin page. This will record the user's IP address along with the time and date. The data which gets recorded will be deleted after review, which is usually within 48 hours. If you do not try to log in to the admin page, no data will be recorded.

However, this site, like most other sites, uses Google Analytics to measure page usage, Google Adsense to show adverts which will be relevant to you, and Twitter cards for more visibility on Twitter. It is likely that Google and Twitter will track your usage through these. Myself or this site will not have access to this data.

The World of Ian Hill: Cookie Policy
This site does not use cookies anywhere, except on the admin page, which are only session cookies, and will automatically be deleted when the browser is closed. Most users won't have access to the admin page.

However Google Adsense and Analytics, and Twitter, may use their own cookies which are not accessed or controlled by this site.

The World of Ian Hill: Important Note
The content on this site is suitable for everybody, but any external websites that may be linked to from this website will have their own privacy and cookie policies in place, and may contain content which is not suitable for all ages. I am not responsible for the content on external sites

The World of Ian Hill: Copyright
The information, images and files available from this web site are © 2023 IWH Software (Ian Hill) unless otherwise specified, and are provided for private use only and must not be modified or reproduced for public use without prior permission, and must not be sold or used for financial gain without written permission.

The World of Ian Hill: Disclaimer
The information and files available from this web site are provided for reference only, and any damage caused as a result of inaccuracies in the information or as the result of its application are solely at the risk of the end user.



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