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Welcome to ianwilliamhill.co.uk

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• Creating overly complicated machines to do simple tasks for me since the 1970's 
• Retrogaming enthusiast and collector 
• Cats 
• Also CATS! 

Hello everyone, my name is Ian, and this is my little corner of the internet, which is safely tucked away in an area where nobody ventures that often...
Somewhere behind that box that's been hidden by the vacuum cleaner in your hallway cupboard for what seems like an eternity.
Yes, that box, you know the one I'm talking about. {insert winking emoji here...}

If you're only here to check out my vintage/retro computer/console collection, then click here now. Otherwise read on...

I have been creating overly complicated machines to do simple tasks for me since the 1970's, as well as being a retro gaming enthusiast and collector, and OMG I collect a lot

This site is where I document the (in my opinion) interesting parts of my life, all for your reading pleasure (or pain).

So to get started in your unusual quest to find out more about me, what I get up to, what makes me tick or to offer me a job (or to become a stalker), use the links in the menu on the left hand side.

You'll find projects and tutorials I've worked on in My projects, interesting things from my childhood, including all my retro gaming collection in Retro stuff, and anything that doesn't fit into the previous two categories goes in Random stuff.
Obviously, sections like About me and Contact me are self explanatory. IWH Software is the name I publish my Android apps under in the Play Store, and Admin login is for me.

You can use the social media icons at the side to share the page with your friends... Only if you want to of course, I wouldn't want to put you under any undue pressure. But PLEASE share the pages with your friends, I could do with the ad revenue

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Also, I have hidden many Easter eggs around the site for you to hunt for.
I like Easter eggs, so there are many hidden here, there, and everywhere, they are normally in the form of pop-ups when you hover over certain sentences, but not always, maybe if you hang around here for a while you may discover another one, or maybe try going home more than once per visit..?

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Please enjoy your stay here

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